"Where is Blue Bird?" - The Ultimate Children's Book Collaboration with Mumz & Munchkinz for a Festive Sensory Adventure

[Dubai, Thursday 23 November, 2023] In an exciting collaboration, the highly sought-after children's book of the year, "Where is Blue Bird?" by Julie Mallon and Raya Halet, has partnered with Mumz & Munchkinz to unveil an exclusive festive sensory set, creating a unique blend of literary and sensory experience for young minds.

Co-authored by Julie Mallon, the Middle East’s Leading Sleep Expert, and Parenting Coach, and Raya Halet, the visionary host of the beloved podcast "They Say it Takes a Village," this evidence-based book aims to revolutionize children's literature. With captivating illustrations by Suzanne Darkan, the book not only promotes sound sleep and cognitive development but also strengthens the parent-child bond.

Designed for babies aged 0-6 months, "Where is Blue Bird?" is now accompanied by a beautifully crafted sensory tray, courtesy of Mumz & Munchkinz. This one-of-a kind Sensory set is giving each child the opportunity to bring the book to life, as the set includes the Where is Blue Bird? book, reusable 60cm diameter tray, sand, pebbles, shells, mini Burj Al Arab and wooden blue bird. A timeless gift that can be reused time after time - helping your child to reenact the story in a real life imaginary setting.

Hannah Pierce, Founder of Mumz & Munchkinz and an expert in children's play and development, expresses her excitement: "I am over the moon to be collaborating with the co-authors - Raya and Julie. I have created ‘The Where is Blue Bird? festive sensory set, to help bring this incredible book to life! My own children enjoyed playing and pointing out the words in the book and the details in the tray. I designed this tray with the Montessori method in mind, which aims to help children develop their senses and motor skills, whilst providing an engaging and interactive experience. This truly is the perfect festive gift this December."

Co-author Raya Halet adds: "It is crucial for children to explore at this age, and we are thrilled to take them on an exploratory and interactive journey with not only the book, but the play combined. We are extremely happy about collaborating with Hannah and her very special company Mumz & Munchkinz, as it is rare and unique to find the right synergies when looking for like-minded partners. We just loved her idea of bringing our children’s book to life and what she has achieved by creating this very special sensory set is nothing short of a festive miracle! We really believe this will be the perfect gift this season."

Don't miss this opportunity to offer your children a sensory adventure that sparks imagination and enhances early development. You can now buy the "Where is Blue Bird?" sensory set at the retail price of AED 225 on the Mumz & Munchkinz online store:

https://www.mumzandmunchkinz.com/online-store/Where-Is-Blue-Bird-Sensory-Set-p605997094 plus it will be available to purchase at any of the Mumz & Munchkinz play-date events.


About Where is Blue Bird:

Get ready to embark on a journey of discovery and bonding with your baby. "Where is Blue Bird" is your guide to understanding early childhood development and nurturing secure attachment.


About Julie Mallon

Julie Mallon is the founder and senior sleep consultant at Nurture 2 Sleep, she is also a highly-qualified professional with over 30 years of experience, previously a Nurse, Midwife, and Health Visitor (UK). Now Qualified both as a Gentle Sleep Coach and a Sleep Consultant with the international Parenting and maternity insights (now the International Parenting and Health Institute). Julie is the leading sleep expert in the UAE. Known for her regular Sleep Clinic on Dubai Eye and has been published in many regional publications.

Known as the Middle East’s Sleep Expert on the Sleep Clinic with Helen Farmer on Dubai Eye 103.8 FM, Julie takes every opportunity to discuss and promote good sleep hygiene and the benefits of a good night’s sleep. As a clear authority in the field of healthy sleep practice, she is in high demand to speak at industry events. She spoke at the 2022 US Sleep Symposium in North Carolina, USA; discussed sleep deprivation and leadership at the prestigious Leadership School in Armenia, and most recently spoke at the Children’s Mental Health Symposium in Dublin, Ireland.


About Raya Halet

Raya Halet is the founder and host of They Say It Takes A Village, which is a homegrown podcast that she launched to provide a directory of all things parenting in the UAE in the hopes of creating the proverbial ‘Village’.

She interviews experts across the country who help provide honest insights and trusted recommendations for parents as they navigate this incredible journey of parenthood. With a background in health science and 15 years of regional experience, ‘They Say It Takes A Village’ podcast is a fusion of her passion for motherhood alongside her clinical background brought together to provide a little black book of top tier contacts. With a diverse scope of topics, the podcast dives deep into conversations that need to be had and highlighted. ”We are blessed to live in a country that boasts world-class expertise” says Raya, which she hopes to showcase in her podcast. “Parenting shouldn’t be solo; as they say, it takes a village to raise a child.


About Mumz & Munchkinz

Hannah Pierce, the visionary founder of Mumz & Munchkinz, embarked on her entrepreneurial journey in 2018, inspired by the birth of her twins. Driven by a desire to blend motherhood with a fulfilling career, she launched a business that would allow her the flexibility she craved. Over the past six years, Mumz & Munchkinz has undergone a transformative journey, initially offering a diverse range of products before evolving into a dedicated space for fostering creativity and play.

Hannah's commitment to her craft is evident in her unwavering passion for open-ended play and aesthetically pleasing setups. Her business, now centered on creative sessions and unique products, reflects her dedication to providing children with enriching experiences. As you explore the Mumz & Munchkinz website, you'll likely sense Hannah's keen eye for design and her wholehearted commitment to making playtime a truly magical and developmental experience.



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