Julie Mallon Unravelling the Sleep Epidemic

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Today's hectic workplace means that time is short and modern audiences require an engaging, inspiring and experienced speaker to capture their attention. As an international public speaker, Julie Mallon has built a reputation on delivering impactful events around the important topic of sleep. Julie's science-based yet approachable philosophy has ensured participants leave her workshops or keynote presentations inspired and motivated to take action.

Julie Mallon is a cherished Sleep Consultant and international keynote speaker who has spent over three decades in the health care industry working as a UK qualified nurse, midwife and health visitor. Julie founded her company Nature 2 Sleep to address the current sleeplessness epidemic and to educate her clients to empower them with life-changing skills of achieving the perfect night's sleep.

Julie relocated to the Middle East with her family in 201 and has worked with companies and parents globally, gaining praise for her evidence-based approach which emphasises the importance of internationally respected research from qualified academic bodies, while always working with empathy and passion.

Julie enjoys sharing her proven techniques and patented Sleep Ladder exercise that have helped thousands of clients regain a healthy night routine, overcome insomnia and even given parent's their sanity back by fixing their children's harmful sleep habits. Julie is currently registered with the International Maternity and Parenting Institute and a qualified Sleep Coach through The Gentle Sleep Coach Program.


As a sought-after speaker, Julie focuses on public speaking and delivering workshops on the fascinating subject matter of sleep:


• Empowering your child to self-soothe to sleep
• Healthy sleep practices &the happy child
• How to overcome the biggest sleep challenges in children


• How &why sleep is crucial for mental health and performance
• The importance of sleep hygiene
• The impact of technology on sleep 


• The critical role of sleep &leadership
• Sleep &work performance management
• How to minimise screens to maximise work

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As a mother and health practitioner, Julie wil share her story of how she has helped over 6,000 clients across the world establish a healthy sleep routine. Using real life examples and case studies from her 30 years experience as a sleep consultant, nurse, midwife and health visitor, Julie wil educate listeners on the science behind sleep and why it is crucial that everyone achieves the nightly rest for optimum performance and mental health.

What sets Julie apart is her ability to distill her lifelong academic learning of sleep into bitesize chunks and understandable lessons for her clients. Continually quoted as the sleep expert on Dubai Eye, the most significant praise from her clients relates to Julie's bedside manner: she is kind, warm and calm, remembered fondly for her mothering nature when delivering complex theories or important life lessons.

During this 45 minute presentation, Julie will share her sleep strategies and secrets from her illustrious career in the health industry, and will show you just how easy it is to boost the quality of your sleep and correct lifelong bad habits. Julie will also give you her top tips to improve your sleep routine so that you can work up the sleep ladder and learn to self soothe to master your own superpower of sleep.


In order to ensure that Julie can deliver the most impactful keynote or workshop possible please ensure that the following equipment is provided:

• Wireless lapel microphone where possible
• Projector, laptop with her presentation and clicker
• Lectern on stage


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