Sleepless in Dubai Podcast

The Sleepless in Dubai Podcast is an engaging and informative podcast that delves into the fascinating world of sleep, wellness and lifestyle. Get ready to upgrade your playlists from Thursday 30 November 2023.  

Co-hosted by Julie Mallon, founder of Nurture 2 sleep recognised as the Middle East’s Leading Sleep Expert and Laura Buckwell, international MCEE and journalist extraordinaire, the podcast promises listeners a series of captivating episodes with leaders in healthcare, education, key influencers in the region to some of Dubai’s very own “A” listers including DJ Bliss, Fozaza and My Fash Diary. 

Proudly sponsored by Mirabelle Communications, a distinguished global advertising and marketing agency known for pioneering campaigns, this podcast promises a fresh perspective on various aspects of sleep. 

Available on YouTube, Apple Podcasts, Anghami, and Spotify, 'Sleepless in Dubai'is your gateway to understanding the profound impact of sleep on our lives. 

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Where is Blue Bird?

Written by: Raya Halet & Julie Mallon and illustrated by: Suzanne Darkan

This one-of-a-kind book is co-authored by Julie Mallon, the Middle East’s leading sleep expert and founder of Nurture 2 Sleep and Raya Halet, the visionary founder and host of “They Say it Takes a Village,” a locally grown podcast providing a directory of all things parenting.

"Where is Blue Bird?" is an evidence-based children’s book that promotes sound sleep, nurtures cognitive development, and strengthens the bond between parent and child. With charming illustrations by Suzanne Darkan, this beautifully designed book takes parents on a journey to understand how their interactions with their babies shape their little one's brain and promotes secure attachment.

Co-authored by Julie Mallon and Raya Halet, "Where is Blue Bird?" is a delightful book crafted with babies aged 0-6 months in mind. This book aims to positively impact their daily summer routines, providing an engaging and interactive experience that captures their imagination while fostering a sense of adventure.

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MGallery the Retreat, Palm Dubai

N2S x MGallery Sleep Retreat:

A retreat that includes guidance from the Middle East's top Sleep Expert, alongside the advantages of yoga-nidra and meditation, soothing treatments, wellness therapies, nutritional guidance, and low-intensity training.

The Retreat is armed with a wealth of knowledge and tools to prioritize sleep and enhance your overall sense of well-being in your daily life.

This 2-day retreat itinerary places a strong emphasis on sleep and well-being, featuring evidence- based seminars and insights from the highly qualified sleep specialist.

You'll gain a deeper understanding of the science of sleep, discover evidence-backed strategies for better sleep and well-being, explore the role of supplements, nutrition, and lifestyle choices, and depart with valuable sleep wisdom to improve your overall quality of life.

Join us for our first ever 2 day, 1 night Sleep Retreat hosted by Julie Mallon, Founder of Nurture 2 Sleep, April 2024 (27 and 28 April, 2024) Nurture Sleep Centre:

Is now open, taking place every Tuesday and Thursdays at the Club Lounge, MGallery The Retreat Palm Dubai.

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Interior Design

Nurture 2 Sleep x Delphine Chopard

Step into a world where every corner tells a story and every detail is designed for blissful sleep. Nurture 2 Sleep has partnered with Delphine Chopard, Interior Designer at Dubai's renowned Chopard Design Studio, to craft bespoke nursery, bedroom, and nursery designs, mindful of the profound impact that surroundings can have on your child's rest.

Our collaboration offers a comprehensive room design package, tailored to create a serene environment that nurtures deep, rejuvenating sleep. Drawing from research and evidence-based practices, we blend creativity with practicality, ensuring every element contributes to a harmonious sleep space.

My Little Morphee

My Little Morphée is a non-digital, screen-free sleeping aid designed especially for children aged three to eight years old. It contains 192 meditative journeys to prepare children before bedtime or help calm them down during the day. These sessions include visualisations, breathing and relaxation exercises, and guided meditations. All sessions were designed and carried out by sleep experts specialising in child relaxation.

The 128 soothing visual journeys transport children to different destinations (an island, desert, forest…), guided by an animal of their choice. Each animal represents a different facet of emotions, be it confidence, enthusiasm, wisdom, generosity, happiness, courage, curiosity, and independence, helping children develop their sense of self, improve concentration and focus, and foster emotional versatility.     

  • Help children develop their confidence, improve concentration and focus, and foster emotional versatility
  • Efficient. All sessions are conducted by sleep professionals
  • Non-digital, wave free and without screen for optimal efficiency
  • 192 meditative journeys to prepare children before bedtime or help calm them down during the day
  • Ergonomic design made for small hands; perfect for traveling in cars, trains, or planes
  • 3h of play mode (15 stories)
  • Dimensions: 17,5 cm x 7cm x 11 cm
  • Weight: 230g
  • 100 Night-trial
  • 2 years warranty

Price: AED 472

For more information or to purchase a morphee, please email [email protected]

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Baby Expo 2024

Dubai’s first early parenting event, giving you the best education, best brands and amazing discounts & special offers all under one roof.

Mumz & Munchkinz

The collaboration between the authors Julie Mallon and Raya Halet introduces a captivating children's book, "Where is Blue Bird?" enriched with sensory elements, developed in partnership with Mumz & Munchkinz. Authored by a sleep expert and parenting coach, Julie Mallon, and Raya Halet, the creator of the podcast "They Say it Takes a Village," the book aims to revolutionize children's literature by promoting sound sleep, cognitive development, and nurturing the parent-child bond through captivating illustrations by Suzanne Darkan.

Tailored for infants aged 0-6 months, the book is complemented by a specially curated sensory tray designed by Mumz & Munchkinz, featuring the book, a reusable tray, sand, pebbles, shells, mini Burj Al Arab, and a wooden blue bird. Hannah Pierce, the founder of Mumz & Munchkinz, emphasizes the Montessori method in designing the tray to aid sensory and motor skill development in children while offering an engaging experience.

Co-author Raya Halet emphasizes the importance of exploration and collaboration with Mumz & Munchkinz, expressing excitement about the interactive journey the book and play set offer young children. The festive sensory set is considered an ideal gift this season, fostering imagination and early development.

The "Where is Blue Bird?" sensory set can be purchased online through Mumz & Munchkinz's store or at their play-date events for AED 225, providing children with a sensory-rich adventure that encourages creativity and aids in early learning.

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Discover the Perfect Blend of Nutrition and Rest for Your Little Ones.

At Nurture 2 Sleep, we are passionate about ensuring your child receives the best in nutrition and sleep. That's why we're excited to announce our collaboration with Sprout, a brand dedicated to providing plant-rich, ready-to-eat meals in recyclable glass jars for children. Sprout’s meals are carefully crafted by a team of expert pediatric nutritionists and chefs, making them a perfect complement to our mission.

Julie Mallon, the Founder of Nurture 2 Sleep and a qualified health practitioner, nurse, and sleep consultant, emphasized, “Our work at Nurture 2 Sleep has always been grounded in science, and Sprout’s meals are aligned with the latest nutritional guidelines. Together, we have crafted special packages to alleviate parental concerns about healthy eating and good sleep, creating a seamless solution for families.”

Oz Erbas, the Founder of Sprout, adds, “Sprout is thrilled to collaborate with Nurture 2 Sleep! We firmly believe in the strong link between nutrition and sleep. By combining our expertise and resources, we are confident we can make a meaningful impact on numerous families in achieving better sleep and overall well-being.”

Introducing Our Collaborative Packages:

1. The Weaning Package:

Embark on the journey of introducing solid foods with Nurture 2 Sleep's comprehensive weaning package, now featuring up to one month's supply of Sprout weaning or toddler meals. These meals are served in a way that allows easy modification of texture at home, catering to your child's age and your preferred weaning method.

2. Expert Consultation Add-On:

Opt for a consultation with Sprout's licensed dietitian and feeding expert to navigate the sensory skill of eating, food allergies, or intolerances. Receive personalized guidance to create a balanced meal and understand crucial nutrients for your child's development.

3. Nutricheck Analysis:

Experience a 10-day Nutricheck program for an in-depth diet and nutrition analysis. Our experts will analyze your child's current diet, identify nutrient deficiencies, and provide tailored recommendations to ensure your child reaches their maximum potential.

“We believe that combining Sprout’s nutritionally-balanced meals with Nurture 2 Sleep’s expertise can significantly impact the lives of busy, overwhelmed parents. It's about empowering parents to make the best choices for their children and setting them on a path to a healthier, happier future,” concluded Julie Mallon, Founder of Nurture 2 Sleep.

Join us in this exciting journey towards a brighter, healthier tomorrow for your child.


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