Nurture 2 Sleep joins forces with Chopard Design Studio to create the perfect sleep environment

Mar 19, 2024

[Dubai, Thursday 14 March, 2024] Mindful of the environmental effects of design on your child's sleep, Nurture 2 Sleep, the Dubai-based expert in healthy sleep practices, has teamed up with Dubai-based interior design professionals, Chopard Design Studio to deliver a bespoke nursery and bedroom design service.

Today, on World Sleep Day the announcement of the new collaboration, brings two companies together to combine their expertise to provide a full concept room design package, with guidance to support you on the health, safety and design aspects of the room, while ensuring optimal sleep.

Nurture 2 Sleep is a premium UAE-based parenting company, specialising in maternity, infant, toddler and child-related services.

The concept design package includes a two-hour visit from Nurture 2 Sleep founder Julie Mallon, a former UK-registered nurse and qualified gentle sleep coach, and Delphine Chopard, founder and interior designer at Chopard Design Studio. 

The duo will provide an...

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Nurture 2 Sleep Celebrates International Women's Day with Inaugural "Rayya Talks" Event

Mar 08, 2024

[Dubai, UAE: Friday 8 March, 2024] Nurture 2 Sleep, the Middle East’s leading sleep expert consultancy, celebrated International Women's Day with the inaugural "Rayya Talks" event in collaboration with MGallery the Retreat Palm Dubai. 

 Hosted by Julie Mallon, co-host of the Sleepless in Dubai podcast and Founder of Nurture 2 Sleep, the event featured an extraordinary lineup of speakers who provided unique and inspiring perspectives. Among the distinguished speakers were Ashleigh Lloyd, Co-Founder of The Baby Expo; Dr. Simone Laubscher from Rejuv Wellness; Imane Alaoui, Author of 'Flavors of Morocco Transcended' Recipe Book; Mahama Cho, Tae Kwon Do Olympian and World Champion; and Dr. Tina Rokadia, known as the Airway Dentist. 

The morning was not merely an event but a gathering of inspiration and positivity, evoking tears of joy among attendees. The diverse activities included a "Play on a Tray" session by Hannah Pierce of Mumz & Munchkinz, a live cooking...

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New Year! New You! New Year Resolution.. SLEEP!

Dec 15, 2023

[Dubai, UAE: Thursday 14 December, 2023] Julie Mallon, a distinguished sleep expert in the region, podcast host and children’s author, is gearing up to lead an exclusive 2-day Sleep Retreat at MGallery the Retreat Palm Dubai next month. Boasting over 30 years of expertise, Julie is dedicated to addressing prevalent sleep challenges through a comprehensive and holistic approach.

This groundbreaking retreat combines Julie's guidance with a rejuvenating all-inclusive itinerary that includes yoga, meditation, unlimited use of the spa facilities (sauna, steam, gym), F&B, a collaborative workshop with ‘Nutritional and Lifestyle Expert,’ Hala El-Shafie, Consultant Dietician at Sage Clinic, plus an extensive spa menu offering sleep inducing therapies offered by the MGallery’s Rayya Wellness Centre such as Oxygen Relaxation, Colour Therapy Treatment, a one-hour Sleep Ritual Massage and an Eye Sleep Ritual all supporting that blissful night of sleep within the...

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How to Manage Bedtime Without the Screen by Julie Mallon

Dec 06, 2023

We are now starting to understand the positive impact of quality sleep on overall health, mood, and cognitive function, not only for us as adults but even more importantly for our children.

The research also supports how important it is to Involve the entire family in establishing a consistent bedtime routine that prioritizes winding down routine and most importantly one that does not include screens.

Such research includes that of the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) whose recommendations suggest avoiding screens at least an hour before bedtime for young children and two hours if they are two years or under.

The main reason for this recommendation is due to evidence on Blue Light and how exposure to screens emits blue light which then affects melatonin production in young children, impacting their sleep, by disrupting their internal biological clock.

Living in the Digital World where trying to avoid the screen is getting harder but I would suggest, to support better sleep...

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Time to upgrade your playlists with the unmissable Sleepless in Dubai Podcast

Nov 29, 2023

[Dubai, UAE: Tuesday 28 November, 2023] The Sleepless in Dubai Podcast is an engaging and informative podcast that delves into the fascinating world of sleep, wellness, and lifestyle. Get ready to upgrade your playlists from Thursday 30 November 2023.

Co-hosted by Julie Mallon, founder of Nurture 2 sleep - recognised as the Middle East’s Leading Sleep Expert and Laura Buckwell, international MCEE and journalist extraordinaire, the podcast promises listeners a series of captivating episodes with leaders in healthcare, education, key influencers in the region to some of Dubai’s very own “A” listers including DJ Bliss, Fozaza and My Fash Diary.

The excitement builds with the release of episode one featuring the esteemed Medical Director of MyPediaClinic, Dr. Medhat Abu-Shaaban. In this thought-provoking discussion Julie and Laura explore the intersection of Sleep and Pediatrics, offering valuable insights into common sleep issues and Dr. Medhat's inspiring...

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"Where is Blue Bird?" - The Ultimate Children's Book Collaboration with Mumz & Munchkinz for a Festive Sensory Adventure

Nov 23, 2023

[Dubai, Thursday 23 November, 2023] In an exciting collaboration, the highly sought-after children's book of the year, "Where is Blue Bird?" by Julie Mallon and Raya Halet, has partnered with Mumz & Munchkinz to unveil an exclusive festive sensory set, creating a unique blend of literary and sensory experience for young minds.

Co-authored by Julie Mallon, the Middle East’s Leading Sleep Expert, and Parenting Coach, and Raya Halet, the visionary host of the beloved podcast "They Say it Takes a Village," this evidence-based book aims to revolutionize children's literature. With captivating illustrations by Suzanne Darkan, the book not only promotes sound sleep and cognitive development but also strengthens the parent-child bond.

Designed for babies aged 0-6 months, "Where is Blue Bird?" is now accompanied by a beautifully crafted sensory tray, courtesy of Mumz & Munchkinz. This one-of-a kind Sensory set is giving each child the opportunity to bring the book to life, as...

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Nurture 2 Sleep and Morphee Middle East Unveil Innovative Sleep Solution for Children

Nov 21, 2023

[Dubai, Tuesday 21 November, 2023] Nurture 2 Sleep is a premium UAE-based parenting company, specialising in maternity, infant, toddler and child-related services.

Nurture 2 Sleep, founded by sleep advocate Julie Mallon, proudly announces a collaboration with Morphee Middle East to introduce the My Little Morphée story box.

This non-digital, screen-free sleeping device, designed for children aged three to eight, aims to revolutionise bedtime routines.

My Little Morphée features 192 meditative journeys, including visualisations, breathing exercises, and guided meditations, all crafted by child relaxation specialists. The device's 128 soothing visual journeys, guided by animals representing various emotions, help children develop confidence, concentration, and emotional versatility.

Julie Mallon, Founder of Nurture 2 Sleep highlights shares: “One of the most positive sleep associations is the sound - the sound of the waves, and the sound of white noise to help mask...

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Sharjah Book Fair Unveils the Highly Anticipated Childrenā€™s Book "Where is Blue Bird?" in 2023

Nov 06, 2023

[Sharjah, Sunday 5 November, 2023] The 2023 Sharjah Book Fair is set to be the stage for the launch of the most sought-after children’s book of the year, "Where is Blue Bird?". Co-authored by Julie Mallon, the Middle East’s Leading Sleep Expert and Parenting Coach, founder of Nurture 2 Sleep, and Raya Halet, the visionary host of the locally beloved podcast "They Say it Takes a Village," this one-of-a-kind book is poised to make a significant impact on the world of children's literature.

"Where is Blue Bird?" is a science and evidence-based children’s book that goes beyond traditional storytelling. It is designed to promote sound sleep, nurture cognitive development, and strengthen the essential bond between parent and child. The book, beautifully illustrated by Suzanne Darkan, takes parents on a captivating journey, helping them understand how their interactions with their infants shape their little one's brain and foster secure attachment.

With babies aged 0-6...

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Oct 12, 2023

[Dubai, Thursday 12 October, 2023] The anticipation is now over, as pre-orders are available for the highly sought after children’s book of 2023, "Where is Blue Bird?" This remarkable book will be officially launched at the upcoming Sharjah International Book Fair (SIBF) next month.

This one-of-a-kind book is co-authored by Julie Mallon, the Middle East’s leading sleep expert and founder of Nurture 2 Sleep and Raya Halet, the visionary founder and host of “They Say it Takes a Village,” a locally grown podcast providing a directory of all things parenting.

"Where is Blue Bird?" is an evidence-based children’s book that promotes sound sleep, nurtures cognitive development, and strengthens the bond between parent and child. With charming illustrations by Suzanne Darkan, this beautifully designed book takes parents on a journey to understand how their interactions with their babies shape their little one's brain and promotes secure attachment.


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Aug 17, 2023

[Dubai, Thursday 16 August, 2023] Nurture 2 Sleep, the Dubai-based sleep and parenting expert, is joining forces with nutritious food provider Sprout to create a range of new packages designed to ensure babies and toddlers get maximum nutrition and the best possible sleep.

Nurture 2 Sleep is a premium UAE-based parenting company, specialising in maternity, infant, toddler and child-related concerns.

Sprout was launched in 2020 by biochemist Oz Erbas as the first 100% wholefood plant-based childrens’ food company in the UAE.

Oz Erbas, Founder of Sprout said: “When it comes to babies and toddlers’ nutrition, we are tired of seeing nutrient-narrow products with buzzwords on supermarket shelves. Children need food that supports their growth and fortifies their health. They also need to build a diverse palate that helps them make good choices throughout life.”

“We want to provide children with the best start in life. This is why we put nutrition science at...

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