Nurture 2 Sleep joins forces with Chopard Design Studio to create the perfect sleep environment

[Dubai, Thursday 14 March, 2024] Mindful of the environmental effects of design on your child's sleep, Nurture 2 Sleep, the Dubai-based expert in healthy sleep practices, has teamed up with Dubai-based interior design professionals, Chopard Design Studio to deliver a bespoke nursery and bedroom design service.

Today, on World Sleep Day the announcement of the new collaboration, brings two companies together to combine their expertise to provide a full concept room design package, with guidance to support you on the health, safety and design aspects of the room, while ensuring optimal sleep.

Nurture 2 Sleep is a premium UAE-based parenting company, specialising in maternity, infant, toddler and child-related services.

The concept design package includes a two-hour visit from Nurture 2 Sleep founder Julie Mallon, a former UK-registered nurse and qualified gentle sleep coach, and Delphine Chopard, founder and interior designer at Chopard Design Studio. 

The duo will provide an initial assessment - after visiting your home, the customer will receive a furniture layout proposal and a mood board, along with a document showcasing health, safety and extended design support  along with recommended products, as required.

Julie Mallon says: “We all know the feeling of entering a room that creates a certain ambiance – décor and furnishings can create calm, excitement or even discomfort. Using a gentle, holistic and evidence-based approach, we work to ensure your child’s nursery or bedroom are perfectly suited to optimal sleep. 

“We focus on things like keeping hazards away from the child’s sleeping area, room temperature, crib placement and type, and sleep aids such as humidifiers, fans, night lights and blackout blinds.”

Delphine Chopard adds: “By incorporating evidence-based practices into fun and quirky elements, your child's room can be both safe and stimulating, and yet still conducive to optimal sleep and development in a playful, engaging way.

“Utilising all my experience gleaned in a decade of high end interior design work across the world and here in the UAE, I will help busy parents create a space that works for them from a practical perspective, and for the children to help nurture them to sleep.”

The first-of-its-kind collaboration is now available, starting from AED 1,000 for an online design document  to AED 5,500 for a full concept design package. 

About Nurture 2 Sleep

At Nurture 2 Sleep, we use our decades of experience as parents, midwives, health visitors, child development experts and sleep practitioners to support children, parents and the entire family. 

From our years of experience, we have seen many highly burnt-out parents suffering and constantly questioning their intuition because of an overwhelming amount of information that doesn't take into account their individual child and families’ needs. 

By working with us, you become empowered with the knowledge of evidence-based research and how to then apply that to your individual family. We believe in science, we believe in connection and love, and together they are so powerful in teaching and supporting our children.

About Chopard Design Studio

Delphine’s intention and passion is to attain the highest level of achievement in producing memorable, highly defined interiors which deeply reflect the client’s desires and personality.

As a mother herself, parenting and sleeping methods are subjects really close to her heart and she is delighted to be collaborating with Nurture 2 Sleep to support parents. Delphine believes that, having an ideal and functional child environment is essential for their growth and development.


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