"Where is Blue Bird?" - The Ultimate Children's Book Collaboration with Mumz & Munchkinz for a Festive Sensory Adventure

Nov 23, 2023

[Dubai, Thursday 23 November, 2023] In an exciting collaboration, the highly sought-after children's book of the year, "Where is Blue Bird?" by Julie Mallon and Raya Halet, has partnered with Mumz & Munchkinz to unveil an exclusive festive sensory set, creating a unique blend of literary and sensory experience for young minds.

Co-authored by Julie Mallon, the Middle East’s Leading Sleep Expert, and Parenting Coach, and Raya Halet, the visionary host of the beloved podcast "They Say it Takes a Village," this evidence-based book aims to revolutionize children's literature. With captivating illustrations by Suzanne Darkan, the book not only promotes sound sleep and cognitive development but also strengthens the parent-child bond.

Designed for babies aged 0-6 months, "Where is Blue Bird?" is now accompanied by a beautifully crafted sensory tray, courtesy of Mumz & Munchkinz. This one-of-a kind Sensory set is giving each child the opportunity to bring the book to life, as...

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Dubai's Leading Sleep Expert to Deliver Wisdom at Children's Mental Health Symposium in Dublin, Ireland

May 18, 2023

[Dubai, Thursday 18 May, 2023]  Julie Mallon, renowned sleep expert and founder of Nurture 2 Sleep, is heading to Ireland to take part in a ground-breaking children’s mental health symposium.

Julie has dedicated her career to children’s health and teaching good sleep hygiene. As a qualified health practitioner, nurse and sleep coach, the Dubai-based sleep expert has now been offering sleep advice, techniques and tools to a wide variety of global clients for nearly a decade. And now her wisdom is being called on to share with a global audience of senior children’s mental health care practitioners.

The high-level international symposium is spearheaded by the Global Wellness Institute’s (GWI’s) Global Wellness for Children Initiative in collaboration with Junior Genius.  Alongside Julie, the event features renowned speakers, surgeon, researchers and authors such as “First 1,000 Days” international advocate Sergio Pecorelli, and the...

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Dubai Sleep Expert Heads to Armenia to Explain the Role Sleep Plays in Good Leadership

Apr 10, 2023

[Dubai, Monday 10 April, 2023] Sleep expert and Founder of Nurture 2 Sleep, Julie Mallon, is set to discuss the critical role of sleep in good leadership at Armenia's Leadership School. Julie Mallon, who has been offering sleep advice, techniques, and tools to a global audience for almost a decade, will explain how sleep health affects performance management and how key global leaders prioritise sleep within the workplace.

The Leadership School, which aims to prepare young people to become global-minded leaders, recognises the importance of educating students on healthy sleep practices and has invited Julie Mallon to speak on the subject. Sleep deprivation can have serious consequences for businesses, and the American National Sleep Council estimates that sleepy employees cost $136 billion in lost productivity each year in the United States alone.

Mallon will discuss how adequate sleep is essential for maintaining focus, making good decisions, and achieving peak performance in the...

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UAE Sleep Expert Joins with Health and Wellbeing Platform, VIWELL

Jan 26, 2023

Nurture 2 Sleep Founder Julie Mallon to deliver talks, webinars and workshops on sleep and wellness

[Dubai, January 26, 2023] Dubai’s leading sleep expert, Julie Mallon, is partnering with wellness and health platform Viwell to deliver her expertise via the website. 

Julie founded Nurture 2 Sleep in 2014 to support, encourage and empower families on their parenting journey. She advocates for evidence-based research encouraging parents to listen to their intuition, recognise their child’s important cues and behaviours, and gently create changes that promote connection, support and the wellbeing of their child and family as a whole.

Put more simply, Julie’s training, experience and techniques have helped thousands of parents in the UAE, the Middle East and across the globe, help get their children off  to sleep – and enjoy more rest themselves. 

Now, the expert is collaborating with the Viwell team to deliver her profound sleep...

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World-Renowned Sleep Expert Tells UAE Schools: โ€œLet Teenagers Sleep Moreโ€

Jan 18, 2023

Professor Mary A. Carskadon is visiting the UAE for the first time, to explain her science-backed research into why teenagers need more sleep

Global expert calls for UAE- based schools to open later, helping teens gain better health

[Dubai, January 18, 2023] Cutting-edge research regarding teenagers and sleep will be shared with UAE schools, universities and Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK) in an upcoming UAE visit from world-renowned sleep and Circadian rhythms expert, Professor Mary A. Carskadon.

Invited by Dubai-based sleep and parenting experts, Nurture2Sleep, the Professor will be sharing her wisdom during a whirlwind visit between January 25-27.

The professor postulates that our teenagers are not lazy – that’s not why they struggle to get to bed in the evenings, and won’t get up in the morning. We know most teenagers require nine and a quarter hours’ sleep to be optimally alert, but her research suggests that most average just 7.5...

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