[Dubai, Thursday 16 August, 2023] Nurture 2 Sleep, the Dubai-based sleep and parenting expert, is joining forces with nutritious food provider Sprout to create a range of new packages designed to ensure babies and toddlers get maximum nutrition and the best possible sleep.

Nurture 2 Sleep is a premium UAE-based parenting company, specialising in maternity, infant, toddler and child-related concerns.

Sprout was launched in 2020 by biochemist Oz Erbas as the first 100% wholefood plant-based childrens’ food company in the UAE.

Oz Erbas, Founder of Sprout said: “When it comes to babies and toddlers’ nutrition, we are tired of seeing nutrient-narrow products with buzzwords on supermarket shelves. Children need food that supports their growth and fortifies their health. They also need to build a diverse palate that helps them make good choices throughout life.”

“We want to provide children with the best start in life. This is why we put nutrition science at the service of mums and dads to empower them in making informed decisions about their childrens’ nutrition from their very first bite of solid food.”

Using the latest scientific research, Nurture 2 Sleep develops innovative and personalised healthy sleep, weaning and behavioural programmes for children. The company advocates for parents to listen to their intuition, recognise their child’s important cues and behaviours, and gently create changes that promote connection, support and the well-being of their child and family as a whole.

Now Nurture 2 Sleep is providing an additional layer of help – good nutrition.

Sprout offers plant-rich, ready-to-eat meals in recyclable glass jars. All recipes are meticulously crafted by a team of expert paediatric nutritionists and chefs to cover specific nutrients childrens need. But most importantly, the diversity in ingredients used in Sprout meals prevents picky-eating and cultivates a love for vegetables.

Nurture 2 Sleep founder Julie Mallon, a qualified health practitioner, nurse and sleep consultant, says: “Our work has always been rooted in science, and Sprout’s meals are based on the latest nutritional guidelines. Together, we took the concerns most parents have regarding the health of their little ones and created special packages to remove the headaches surrounding healthy eating and good sleep.

“Our packages take the effort and worry out of two major parental stresses – nutrition and sleep. I’m excited to see the results of our collaboration on children in the UAE.”

Sprout Founder Oz Erbas adds: “Sprout is thrilled to announce our collaboration with Nurture 2 Sleep! We are incredibly excited about the opportunity to work together because we firmly believe in the strong link between nutrition and sleep. By combining our expertise and resources, we are confident we can make a meaningful impact to numerous families in achieving better sleep and overall well-being.”

Nurture 2 Sleep already offers a weaning package – which features a two-hour consultation to help parents understand the latest thinking in terms of moving your child from formula or breastfeeding to solid foods, two 30-minute follow up support calls, and a detailed personalised weaning plan filled with helpful resources including age-appropriate foods and tools, recipes and tips for healthy brain development.

Now the weaning package can include up to one-month's Sprout weaning or toddler meals. Served steamed and cubed, they can be pureed, mashed or served as finger foods which allows the texture to be modified at home depending on age, or according to parents’ method of weaning.

Another optional addition to the weaning package is a Sprout licensed dietitian and feeding expert consultation, consisting of a 30-minute or 60-minute consultation, on understanding the sensory skill of eating, and how to navigate food allergies or intolerances.

Parents taking advantage of this will also receive a Sprout e-book which includes a breakdown of the ideal Sprout plate - how to create balanced meals and which nutrients are most important for your children’s proper development.

You can also opt for a Sprout ‘Nutricheck’. This 10-day in-depth diet and nutrition analysis program provides a personalised analysis of your child's current diet, compared to recommended nutrient levels set by health authorities. After the program, nutrient deficiencies are identified and rectified, with tailored recommendations for your child to reach their maximum potential.


“With the addition of Sprout’s wonderful, nutritionally-balanced meals, we now offer parents an option, that could totally change their – and their children’s - lives. Too many issues arise from a lack of sleep and poor nutrition. Our combined expertise brings a suite of help and easy solutions to busy, overwhelmed parents,” concluded Nurture 2 Sleep’s Founder, Julie Mallon.


About Nurture 2 Sleep

At Nurture 2 Sleep, we use our decades of experience as parents, midwives, health visitors, child development experts and sleep practitioners to support children, parents and the entire family.

From our years of experience, we have seen many parents suffering and constantly questioning their intuition because of an overwhelming amount of information that doesn't take into account their individual child and families’ needs.

By working with us, you become empowered with the knowledge of evidence-based research and how to then apply that to your individual family. We believe in science, we believe in connection and love, and together they are so powerful in teaching and supporting our children.

About Sprout

Sprout is a Dubai-based consumer company helping parents raise healthy kids through food and nutrition services. We manufacture science-backed, healthy and delicious food for babies and toddlers. Our NutriCheck service gives parents insights into the nutritional adequacy of their child's diet along with practical recommendations to optimize dietary habits. We are an environmentally conscious business actively taking measures to recycle, reduce food waste and abide by the highest standards of ESG through every aspect of our business.


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