Nurture 2 Sleep and Morphee Middle East Unveil Innovative Sleep Solution for Children

Uncategorized Nov 21, 2023

[Dubai, Tuesday 21 November, 2023] Nurture 2 Sleep is a premium UAE-based parenting company, specialising in maternity, infant, toddler and child-related services.

Nurture 2 Sleep, founded by sleep advocate Julie Mallon, proudly announces a collaboration with Morphee Middle East to introduce the My Little Morphée story box.

This non-digital, screen-free sleeping device, designed for children aged three to eight, aims to revolutionise bedtime routines.

My Little Morphée features 192 meditative journeys, including visualisations, breathing exercises, and guided meditations, all crafted by child relaxation specialists. The device's 128 soothing visual journeys, guided by animals representing various emotions, help children develop confidence, concentration, and emotional versatility.

Julie Mallon, Founder of Nurture 2 Sleep highlights shares: “One of the most positive sleep associations is the sound - the sound of the waves, and the sound of white noise to help mask environmental noises also creates beautiful patterns in a child’s sleep. Research has also shown that the white noise helps children to fall asleep faster and to stay asleep longer. So I do recommend this white noise box as a great option for you.

The little Morphee is also the ultimate story book with meditation to help calm your child’s brain down, with no screen, no harmful waves and it really is a positive sleep association and can travel anywhere with you.”

For a limited time only (7 days), purchase My Little Morphée for AED 472 (plus AED20 delivery) by emailing [email protected] and enjoy a 10% discount until Tuesday 28 November 2023, in celebration of this collaboration this festive season.

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About Nurture 2 Sleep

At Nurture 2 Sleep, we use our decades of experience as parents, midwives, health visitors, child development experts and sleep practitioners to support children, parents and the entire family.

From our years of experience, we have seen many highly burnt-out parents suffering and constantly questioning their intuition because of an overwhelming amount of information that doesn't take into account their individual child and families’ needs.

By working with us, you become empowered with the knowledge of evidence-based research and how to then apply that to your individual family. We believe in science, we believe in connection and love, and together they are so powerful in teaching and supporting our children.

About Morphee

In 2016, flatmates Charlie and Guillaume, with diverse backgrounds in entrepreneurship and documentary filmmaking, united to create Morphée—a non-digital device blending meditation and sophrology. Their goal: easing stress and addressing insomnia naturally. Drawing on their experiences, passions, and convictions, they collaborated with experts for two years, resulting in Morphée's inception in 2018. This device, aimed at soothing nights through meditation and disconnection, expanded its impact in 2020 with the introduction of My Little Morphée, focusing on introducing meditation benefits to children.


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